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Commercial and operational support space is important to the visitor experience and is required to meet the expectations of the visitor. Currently, we have 6,850 square meters of indoor commercial space which is inadequate for our existing approved capacity of 6,000 PAOT (PAOT = people at one time).  The hotel has another 5,455 square meters but that should not be considered to supply space for day skiers and is mostly made up of hotel rooms. We propose an additional 5,050 square meters of indoor commercial space to comfortably accommodate 8,500 PAOT. The equals 1.4 meters per person which is the same as what was approved for Lake Louise. We are currently short when it comes to restaurant, rental, washroom, locker, retail space for our guests. Sunshine Village’s ski area planning consultants believe we need additional commercial space at the base area, Goat’s Eye, and at the Village. We also require additional administrative, maintenance space, operational and employee locker space. Parks plan doesn’t mention the need for additional back-of-the-house space requirements. PC draft site guidelines shows an additional 2,000 – 3,650 square meters of commercial space. This amount is terribly inadequate to balance to 8,500 PAOT and will result in overcrowded and unpleasant places. These are significant gaps in their plan that will cripple the resort in the long-run. We desire to provide adequate world-class facilities for our guests and employees.

Other mountain park ski areas have been allowed far more commercial space than what Parks Canada proposes for Sunshine Village. For example, Lake Louise is allowed an additional 9,500 square meters of commercial space in their approved site guidelines. This is not fair. Learn more here. 

Proposed Goat's Eye Day Lodge

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